Jay Hope2 December 2013JK Fitness is very happy to congratulate Jay Hope in recognition of our December 2013 Athlete of the month.  Through his dedication, attention to detail,   & consistency to our tailored fitness program he has been able to transform his previous habits into more efficient movement patterns enabling him to get more enjoyment out of all his outdoor activities.  He continues to work out with JK Fitness and is preparing for the ski season.  Great work Jay and thank you for your kind words below!

“Working out with Jens is now an integral part of my life. The stretching, strength and balance exercises I do in the gym have improved my overall feeling of well being and lets me enjoy all my sports and activities with fewer aches and injuries. Being able to enjoy physical activities helps me be more productive at work and provides much happiness.

Thanks very much to Jens, Sam, Brian and all the staff. Merry Christmas!!” – Jay

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