Here are several testimonials written by clients of Jens Kieling. Jens has trained these clients over the past few years and would like to share their testimonials with you.

Hi my name is Chris Kircher and has in the past 6 months watched my son become a stronger and faster hockey player and I contribute all his success to Jens. We had always felt Liam was a fit and fast athlete but we had no idea how weak his core was until Jens evaluated him at hockey performance .Liam had large strength discrepancies in his left and right sides as well as having a very weak core. We decided to put all our eggs in one basket and train with Jens exclusively .Liam started 3 days a week with Jens and almost right away we knew we made the right choice Jens has a strong personality which helped Liam focus .Jens combines hard work with positive reinforcement he asked Liam to trust in the things that he was teaching and that the payoff will be a stronger faster hockey player. Jens became a roll model for Liam showing him he can also do all the exercises he teaches .Proof is in the pudding and unless I can prove Jens helped Liam this letter is for nothing ,Last year as a 2nd yr senior Atom he wa in the top ten as far as skating and puck handling ,so in September Liam entered Peewee AAA tryouts as a 1st year player He was the fastest timed skater out of all the peewees and his stick handling was racked in the top 5 of all 1st yrs by the evaluators .We credit Jens and his training for liams success and we hope to work with him in the future.

Chris Kircher

Hello my name is Liam Kircher.I am 11 yrs and Jens has been teaching me for 6months.I have learned that short strides are slower than long and good strides. He made me fit, helped my balance so I could be a smoother and stronger on the ice. Jens made my core stronger for balance and technique for my stride. Jens taught me to roll my wrist in stick handling and to cushion the puck.

Liam Kircher

To whom this may concern

Jens is probably one of the best instructors of all time. He’s very funny and loves his job. He taught me a lot about balance and core stability. I would recommend him to anybody to train with. I first met Jens when i was trying to play rep hockey. I didn’t know why I wasn’t making the top teams. Jens told me that my core was weak and that I needed to train my core so that i could stay in my ready stance. Because of Jens I’m a much better goalie than before. I think the reason why is because Jens trained me a lot and made me improve. So in short, Jens is the best trainer i have ever trained with.

Dalton Caldwell

Training along side Jens Kieling has helped me reestablished my work ethic and passion for the game of hockey and for the game of life. His years of experience and knowledge combined with his technically efficient training methods have guided my physical fitness level to an all time high. I recommend Jens’ training to any serious hockey player who is looking to take his/her game to the next level.

Darren Calhoun

Two and a half years ago, Fraser Mulholland of the Vancouver Golf Tour introduced me to a fitness program with Jens Kieling to improve my flexibility, gain strength, endurance and to lose weight. At the time I weighed over 250 lbs and had trouble tying my shoelaces and getting off the couch let alone making a full golf swing. Through Mr. Kieling’s weekly program:

  • I am now able to play 36 holes of golf, (yes, and the same day!)
  • Ski for hours without pain or fatigue.
  • Lost and kept off 30 lbs
  • Improved my concentration and clarity of thinking.
  • Little aches and pains associated with my age, 55, and my former weight have disappeared.
  • Do what I used to do more frequently and better

For anyone wanting to improve their quality of life, improve their fitness, flexibility, endurance and strength, I highly recommend a program with Jens Kieling and his team.

Jim McKinnon

My wife, Sylvie and I began working with Jens Kieling in 2004 on our fitness improvement through a weekly conditioning program custom tailored by him to our needs. The changes in our health and fitness since then have been dramatic and continue to improve with our involvement in this program. It is a joy to us that our training has enabled us to enjoy our sports of downhill skiing and golf without the pain or fatigue we previously experienced.

Jim McKinnon & Sylvia Landry

Training with Jens this past off season was an excellent experience. His training program is very unique the way he includes core in every exercise, it is the new way of training and is what I needed to give me an extra edge for this hockey season. Even after a week of his training I felt a difference, and after a whole off season training with Jens I felt I was in the best shape ever. My foot speed, technique, efficiency and strength are now at a whole new level thanks to Jens. Especially with how the game is changing and you need to be quicker but still need to be strong and that is exactly what Jens did was made me faster and stronger all around.

James McEwan (Kelowna Rockets)

I have had the opportunity to train with Jens Kieling for the spring and summer of 2006. I looked forward to every session with him and benefited immensely from his training. Jens’ knowledge and experience with athletes pushed me to strive to be the best that I could be.

My name is Kailee Ryan, and as the captain I play defense for the Kelowna Midget AAA Girls hockey team. I also played in the BC Winter Games in February 2006 and our team brought home the Gold. I was selected to try out for the BC U18 Provincial Hockey Team to represent BC in the Canada Winter Games in March, 2007. I knew that in order to earn a spot on that team and to be able to play at that level, I had to be in the best physical and mental condition that I have ever been in. In order to accomplish this goal, I knew that I had to find someone that had the capability to train me, and that person was Jens. At that time, Jens was working for Hockey Performance Centre in Kelowna, BC.

Focus, agility, balancing, core strength, power skating, endurance, stick handling, eye-hand co-ordination and preparing for the beep test are some of the things that Jens focused on when training me. I did make the BC U18 Provincial Hockey Team, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jens. I was in the best physical and mental shape that I ever could have imagined. I trained and work hard for months with Jens constant support and dedication.

One of my goals in life is to become a personal trainer and to be as valuable to other athletes as Jens was to me, maybe even work along side him one day.

I cannot thank Jens enough for the daily training and all the effort and time he has put into helping me.

I will not have the opportunity to try out for the Canada Winter Games again, but with Jens’ training, I have set my goals higher.

Kailee Ryan

Hi Jens,

The boys and I wanted to thank you for the quality of training you provided them over the last six months. Our intent was to train exclusively on the skating treadmill but we quickly discovered that the dry land component was just as important to their success. The strength training, coordination, flexibility and confidence were important components to their development. Your background in kinesiology provided a solid foundation that is missing in many training programs. This knowledge combined with your high expectations allowed the boys to push outside of their comfort zone and truly start to improve. We’d like to wish you all the best in your new venture; with your background and commitment to excellence we know you’ll be successful.


Eric, Colton, Cody

I trained with Jens for 4 months in the summer of 2006. It was the best training I have ever had, total specific training in the areas in which I needed to improve on and the results were more than I could hope for. In the past I have always trained for size and strength. Jens put me on the right path and helped me spend my training time and energy way more efficiently. Jens is a motivating teacher and the best in his field. I would recommend Yens and his services to any serious hockey player.

Clayton Thomas (Clayton Thomas #19 – NPSHL senior AAA)

At the age of eighteen and after my final year of Midget hockey I began training with Hockey Performance Centre under the watchful eye of specific trainers, very notably Jens Kieling. I had achieved some success as a hockey player but always had difficulty making the Junior hockey ranks. It wasn’t until that summer that I was able to improve my strength, conditioning, and skills to completely new heights. Jens was able to constructively criticize me, yet motivate me and push myself to the limits, an ability that many people do not possess. He is able to read when a person needs to be condemned or when they are fragile and need encouragement. After that summer I had earned a spot on a Junior B’ team in Grand Forks, British Columbia. The following off-season I continued to work under the watchful eye of Jens along with the HPC staff and the next thing I knew I was competing at the Junior A’ level. Since understanding how the ranks of hockey worked I had always dreamt of achieving a hockey scholarship to a U.S. school. I am currently playing NCAA Division I hockey at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. If it wasn’t for the guidance and knowledge that Jens shared with me I don’t believe that I would be here right now. I have the utmost respect for this individual and would recommend his services to anyone aspiring to take their abilities to a higher level.

Dean Yakura (Springfield American International College)

I’m Lea and I come from Switzerland. I have been in Vancouver for 13 weeks for study English. In my free time, I like doing sport, especially running, biking and swimming. Unfortunately, since spring 2005 I have had always problems with my hips. As soon as I was running I had pain. Luckily, I met Jens and he could help me a lot. Just after one training session I have already learned a lot to solve my problem. Jens showed me some special and specific exercises to strengthen the muscles which are of great importance but difficult to train. Not only has Jens a great knowledge how to train efficient, he is also really kind and takes time for you. I have had 5 training sessions with Jens and I notice a big progress in my daily movements as well as in sport. Last Sunday I was running over an hour without pain (first time after 2 years)! Jens thank you really really much. I’m so glad that I could have had trainings with you.

Lea Kaufmann