A Glimpse into Oneness

Oneness-Reflection-4x6-webcopyWhen someone says “we are one”, what does that mean?  At some point we have all said that we are connected, that we are united, linked in some way, with all things, people, plants, animals, and Earth.  The question to ask yourself and ponder is this, “do you see people, animals, plants, oceans, trees, clouds, air as extensions of your body?  Or do you see yourself as separate from those things?

What if oneness cannot be answered with an either or approach?  For example, some people might say that we are separate from one another and others might say that we are one.  The people that believe in separation do not believe in the whole and the people who are whole do not believe in separation.  So now what?  Well what about the possibility of having both perspectives combined into one for the sake of an even grander experience?

Another way to put it is like this, when you are having a conversation with another person, are you talking to yourself or do you believe that you are talking to someone else?  Is Consciousness divisible?  Think of space, can you divide space?  One might say yes, i’ll simply build a wall to create the division of space, but really the same air space still occupies both rooms.  One could say that the same consciousness which flows through you also flows through me only my wall that i have constructed is my human body and your wall is your own human body, but the one consciousness still occupies both spaces with in both human body’s and outside of them.  Do you follow?  So consciousness is oneness and for consciousness to be aware of itself it needs individual aspects of itself to be able to experience itself.  So perhaps humans, plants, animals, oceans, clouds, planets, stars, and all other material things are merely tools to allow points of perspective to perceive because with out a point of reference how would you be able to experience the game of life?  In other words with out awareness having a point of reference, your human body, awareness cannot experience a part of the
greater You-niverse.

If there were no trees, no birds, no clouds, no other humans to talk to, no planet to walk on, no stars to see, no air to breathe, no countries, no food, how would you imagine experiencing life?  Oneness…it’s in and around you!